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TogetherePods is an app that helps assess the risk of gathering with friends and family. By creating transparency, event hosts and guests can achieve peace of mind through informed decision-making.


Togethere is a new company that addresses our social need to gather in the face of an ongoing public health crisis.


The TogetherePods app builds confidence and peace of mind through informed decision making. TogetherePods uses artificial intelligence and incorporates information about people's test or vaccine status (biological immunity) and epidemiological practices to create "social immunity" in order to permit people to attend events together with others.


Attendees are empowered to intelligently assess risk of such events. Encouraging and facilitating best practices reduces the risk of contagion. TogetherePods creates the infrastructure and transparency needed to protect ourselves and those around us. 

This app will be available on iOS in the App Store.

*Social immunity (also termed collective immunity) describes the additional level of disease protection arising in social groups from collective disease defenses, performed either jointly or towards one another.

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