Risk Visualization Sources and Citations

The TogetherePods application provides visualizations of two types of risk to give you an overview of various risks by aggregating a number of factors into a single visualization for each. The two types of risk are the "risk to others" presented by one person and the "event risk" for those attending the event. These visualizations show relative risk from Low Risk to Very High Risk. For more detailed information on the factors that go into each calculation and their basis, please see the source material below.


Sources for Risk to Others

The App generates a risk visualization for a person’s risk to others based on a number of parameters collected from surveys and other inputs.  The inputs and authoritative sources are listed below.


Sources for Event Risk

The App generates a visualization for the risk of an event by considering where the event is held, event rules selected by the host and agreed to by the invitees, and who is attending the event.  The inputs and authoritative sources are listed below.